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    1988 Mercury Bridgeport MOD-VP 2.4L Racing Outboard Motor - $2,750

    SOLD - 1988 Mercury MOD-VP 2.4L Outboard Motor - SOLD

    From Mercury records, this motor is a mod-vp 2.4 L high performance carburated, 20"mid, rh, cle gearcase cust/race 220 hp. It is NOT a 260, Bridgeport, or Promax.

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    Upgraded to a new motor so want to sell this one.

    Very strong clean motor.

    Strong, consistent compression in the 130s.

    New impeller.

    LWP Lower Unit.

    Approximately 30 hours on the motor since a 2007 rebuild. 1 repaired hole (sleeved with a new piston and rod). Good as new.

    No title.

    Motor is located in Krum, TX. Will ship at buyer's cost (est. $200-300).

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    how many HP s dose this make?how much would this weigh ?

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    the motor is rated at 260 hp and weighs aproximately 400 lbs.

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    260 hp carb bp? must be a special edition

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    Whats with the air filter
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    wasn't the Bridgeport EFI horn mota 240 HP and carbs was 225 HP ??????????????

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    Quote Originally Posted by specboatops View Post
    Whats with the air filter
    Must be a 35 hp filter.

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    I do not know much about ths motor other than what my local mercury dealer told me. the motor was born as as carburated 260 hp promax / in 1988. I was told by the previous owner it was rebuilt to repair a thrown rod resulting in 1 weld for that cylinder.

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    not to be a wise acre but your dealer is misinformed 1st the promax was not born till 1994, second there were NO carburated Promaxs they were EFI , third all Promaxs were 225 Horse power EDIT 225 was highest horse power for them they did make 150 and 200 pmaxs
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    Not trying to be asmart ass ,but Promaxs were 150,200and 225 hp

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    yes your correct sorry i just did not think about going down in horse power the 225 was the ones that lasted the longest on the market i bought my 225 new in 1995, 1998 was the last year for 150 maybe not i also bought a 200 a few years ago for a XB 2002 but there were no 260 pmaxs or 260 pmax carbed motors
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    and the 300 pm but of course it wasn't a 2.5L

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    motor seems to be priced good though.


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    Help !

    Can anyone out there help me Identify exactly what this motor is ? My local mercury dealer called mercury and gave them the serial #ob290009 taken from the block, he said it came back as a 1988 2.4 L mod-vp model #19149112bh 260 promax. I have had many people tell me all promaxexes were efi motors. So I'm confused because this one is carburated and I don't want to miss lead anyone interested in the motor.

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    Think you mite better find another dealer.Post your numbers in the tech section sombody will be able to look the numbers up.good luck.

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