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  1. Twister and Argos are most common race boat in Finland.
    But also some Hydrolift and Eurocat are in race.

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    Well done!

  3. #18 this is cool .

    You guys did awesome. tTat's how Switzer built all of his boats way back in the day. They built one recently that only took six weeks.

    Your boat is cool for sure !!

  4. Something about our videos.
    All comments our Youtubes is only in finnish language, so there you some story of videos.

    Because we say all catamaran boats is "Cats" like Kathy. So we put on boat inside our own Kathy. It´s printed on paper and now it´s in between wood and fibreglass. We have always own Kathy with us.
    *Hurjamarine humor*

    Our First competion was in august 2010.
    Boat was completed about 2hours before competion. Wasn´t any idea how boat goes. Ari or Valtteri have not been before the catamaran boat. First time on catamaran boat and first time on competion. But both still alive
    Boat went to water about 5minutes before competion starts. Two rounds we went , untill Powerlift broke and we must abort to race.
    *First time*

    the next test run was changed to a broken powerlift, but we forgot cameras.

    Third test drive was successful. The sea was calm and loan propeller work well. New top speed record to us (~88mph).***Test drive 3.***

    Fourth test drive was new experience to us. Now the sea wasn´t calm. Waves rise up to sky, and weather windy. One good jump and one small dive. ****Test drive 4.****

    The final test day on 2010. All team members were involved.
    Weather was very cold, but all members enjoy driving.
    A new aspirant Henkka access also aboard. Last day was very successfully, new top speed record (90mph).The final ride
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    Hi, now one new video and more to come at christmas holydays "NEW MOVIE"
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    All i wanna do is drive...

  6. We are apologize, because we didn´t get a video in youtube. What we promised at Christmas.

    Here in Finland we have full winter going on.
    Only hope is watch old driving videos summer 2010

    But this is some full speed clip ( ~92mph )
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    Thank you Jim! Its nice to hear that someone like this boat Here in Finland we have a LOT of snow and very cold, but in my workshop im going to flip boat upside down and do some modifications to hull to make it even better. Well sponsons finetuning and something else...
    All i wanna do is drive...

  9. Finnish boat competition -magazine
    Download: Magazine in PDF format

    Language only in Finnish, but great pictures. Included also Sami Seliö (F1), Marcus Johnsson (3C) and Hurjamarine (3C).
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    Jes! First race done and result was 4th!!! But there was only 4 boat driving in my class, but still we did good job and speed was... ok You will find some video (HERE) at youtube (only first lap) and then camera broke down Ouh and we had some mystery problem whit engine. It just stop! You find that at video as well... and that hapend 5 times that race
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    All i wanna do is drive...

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    Great Job. Best of luck to you guy's !!!
    25 Ocean Express Catamaran w/ 250's

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    Thanks! I just find out that theres some damage at left sponson been hit something, wood/bottle?!? well now some sanding and then glassfiber whit epoxi... And more paint next race is this weekend (saturday and sunday) :/
    All i wanna do is drive...

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    Such a great looking boat! I really wish we had some small offshore racing/boats here in the states! Thanks for the videos and pictures

  14. BoatRace Uusikaupunki (Finland):

    Kalkkiranta Sipoo (Finland):

    First testrun 2011:

    SaimaaRace 2011

    Team secondary boat

    just cruising...

    You also find us in Facebook: there is more pictures...
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