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    Rocks Pond

    Does anyone have any early pictures of the races held at Rocks Pond in S.C ?

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    dont have pictures but raced there in the late 70 and 80. rough hole as the waves came back onshoreand onto course. pee blood for two days good ole days. beaufort summerville knoxville georgetown also on the circuit at that time . 15ft allison 1500xs waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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    I have some of the good old days!!!!! 16ft allison 150xs We had big coconuts for balls back then!!!! GOOD TIMES!!!!!!!

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    The good old merc vs omc days... any specific boat you looking for, DF Jenks, Earl Bentz, Benny & Stevie Robinson Brothers, Jack "Rabbit" Willard, Billy Seebold, Mike Seebold...

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    No,just any old pics to look at. The new owner of the campground said he would like to see boat racing return there if someone would promote it.

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    We talked to the new owners about 6 or 7 years ago. They just didn't want to spend the money it took.
    Today there are no racers left in SC or even Ga. for that matter. There are few boats in Fl. either. What there are run mostly APR or F1. We had to quit racing in SC and Ga. because the drivers wouldn't show. The last race in SC we had 16 boats total.
    The prospects of ever racing at Rocks Pond are slim to none.
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  7. Well I used to race in the last days of the NOA, Rocks Pond, Beaufort, Gerogetown, Savannah and the Jacksonville, Hardeeville outlaw races. Lot of guys got hurt racing V bottom boats. The people who were running the association in those last years raised the yearly membership fee to some stupid amount. Combine that with measly prize money and and it was easy to find another hobby.

    Then, there were people like Benny who would stop his boat at the judges stand and tell the race announcer to tell the crown that he would lap the field in unlimited tunnel (because no worthy opponents showed up). Kinda put a bad taste in ya mouth!!
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    How about Drag Racing?

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    We've talked to them before. It could happen.

    Ló fasz racing
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