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    Jet Ski Compression STRANGE

    I have a chance to buy cheap a 1999 Kaw zxi 1100 very very good shape

    Went today to do a comp check and it had 60 on all 3 cly..normal is 120

    I found it strange all would be that low at 60

    So i went and got another gauge and still got 60

    Then I made a phone call to a shop and they said it wouldn't start below 90

    So i hooked it to a hose and WELL IT STARTED AND SOUNDS GREAT

    I will be taking it to the water Thursday

    Just found it strange it reads 60 and starts fine
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    low compression

    Maybe some kind of compression relief for easier starting? I seriously dought that all the cylinders are worn evenly that bad and it starts and runs fine. What do the plugs look like? does it smoke like a fiend? If not I would bet it's not that bad.Taking it for a test ride would tell you for sure. If it's that worn it should be a dog and smoke like crazy at higher rpm's.Steve
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    most jet ski cylinders looked all siezed up and still run ok, i did a top end on my 97 gti all seized and scratched and wonder how it ran so good for many years, it showed 120 psi in both cyl and cant believe it ran ,go figure

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    Kawasaki ZXi 1100

    comp on that ski should be 120 psi if its healthy, and the statement 'it wont run below 90' was proved incorrect when it started, 60 psi on all 3 indicate possible incorrect pistons and or head causing low compression, is the engine the orig kawasaki green all over, is there any indication some has been inside and maybe painted, i would be concerned about internal problems and adjust accordingly.

    own a 99 zxi myself.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It probably hasn't been run in a long time and no oil around the rings, I bet if you do another comp check now its come up 20psi at least

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