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    lil boat lil car
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    22' stingray
    13' bullet w/ 80 hp
    13' bullet W/50 hp (for sale)
    13' bullet (sold)
    13' funcat (bartel) sold
    13' twister (mini hawk) sold
    12' scat cat (sold)

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    Well the Rover is out and the CTS is here! One owner, 05 with only 50k miles on it. Just ordered a hitch this morning, I'll post up some pics of it pulling once I get everything set up. With 255hp/tq and a 3600+ curb weigth I am sure it'll pull my littler 18 footer just fine

    My dad used to pull this same boat with both C4 and C5 Corvettes back in the day

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    The CTS actually tows my boat pretty well!

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    I remember back in the 60`s/70`s most all camping trailers were pulled by the family station wagon like the pic posted earlier. All the big wagon makers offered a towing package and they had big blocks in them. The trailers wern`t nearly as large as they are now but that`s just how it was.
    My family has been boating/camping sence before i was born in 1953 and they never had a truck. We even towed behing something called a Hillman. It was a little 4 cylinder car and our boat was a 1960 Arkansas Travler. It looked weird but got the job done.


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    the hillman hunter, was a very successful rally racing car back in the days before awd. our neighbors had a book about them when i was a kid in the late 70's/early 80's. looks like it would be a fun car today.

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    "padded wonder"
    the wet:
    Hydrostream Viper, 140 v4 crossflow, some Raker props
    16' Baja/Tahiti/Sidewinder clone, 135 v4 crossflow
    17' boston whaler alert, 90 merc fourstroke
    13' boston whaler, 40hp yamaha

    the dry:
    2003 bmw ///M5
    1993 mustang/griggs racing road race car
    and a handful of clunkers

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    Yeah, I once pulled a 24' IMP with a 1980 Toyota Corolla. Brakes? What brakes?

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