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    How to register a trailer without a title

    i got a 18 action just got the title today but my trailer has no tag and i have no paper for how can i get this dam thing registerd

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    Go to the tag office with the ser.# off the trailer and find the previous owners name and address. Once you have that, make up a bill of sale and have the previous owner sign it over to you...Then back down to tag office and have it transferred to your name and register it.

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    there are no vins idk how liggit this dam thing is but a guy told me to register it under home made but how do i do this

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    Up here Motor Vehical office have forms to apply for ser#'s on home built.
    I think I read somewhere that in the US. they don't like to issue ser#'s for homebuilt boat trailers any more?


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    they don't title trailers in florida unless something has changed recently. they have always asked me the make and the weight and let her fly from there.
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    I know here in MN you can a lot of times just tell em its a home made trailer and they might ask for pictures and then all you do is pay for a lifetime sticker that goes right on the tongue of the trailer and that's it. Thats what I had to do when I bought my boat cause it came from SC and they dont have to reg trailers there either so there was no reg or title for it.
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    We just tell them that we built it and the give us a new set of serial numbers and they class it as a homemade trailer. I've done it on almost every trailer ive owned cause GA doesn't title trailers either they've gotten where they want you to bring the trailer up there now days so they can see you place the new number on it but its worked for me over the years on alot of trailers hope you get it straight
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    the way you do it is go weigh the trailer at a place that can give u a reciet of the weight...go to the tag agency with that slip and they will issue u a homebuilt registration..super ft luad in davie is were i went to weigh my trailer off orange dr and 441...plenty of places that will do that in miami jus have to google it....good luck..

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    somethings up with the cops on homemade since 01...2010.. i heard they prowl the ramp parking lots and if they see a nice trailer that obviously is not homemade...they snag it and make you prove the origin of the trailer......then they cut it up for scrap. since you dont have real was never like this until this year..

    ..same deal at port everglades or miami if you pull in without serial numbers and claim homemade they confiscate the trailer...

    this is recent B.S. from the cops, and marine patrol////the bummer is many guys heve bought the used trailer legit...but the # tag on the trailer is washed out and the seller lost the registration so the buyer can get burned

    there should be a florida tag agency deal to let a trailer be legitimately registered without the old registration

    the thieves have caused this problem to surface now!!.
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    I think you just need to talk to correct person, we had a problem like that up here not with trailers but with custom snowmobiles. Most of the mod hill climbers the first thing replaced is the tunnel, guess where they put the ser number from the factory. Out of the 20 workers at the gov reg office 1 person was aware of the procedure to get a new ser number. I was given her name by a DOT Officer, the guys that perform road side saftey checks on big trucks. They know all the rules for any thing on the road, they like to hang around the weigh scales for the big trucks. If you can find one see if he can give you the info, I find they lack the atitude of the others.

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    The florida homemade trailer form at DMV asks if trailer is built out of scrap trailer parts or new parts. And they require certified weight slip.

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    I bought a skater on a skater trailer that the guy lost/never got the registration for.
    I'm in NY, and registered it as a home built.
    No problems at all, just had to get a certified weight slip.
    Home built is what I would do

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    tell them its home made less then 20' and less then 500lbs.. just did it on my old stv trailer and doing the same w/ my ally..

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    If you can find some numbers on it there is a titling service you can use.

    I've used them quite a bit.
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    Get it registered in maine right on line.... This could not be easier and by the way it is cheap! And you don't have to live in maine. Most documents you can down load then fill it out and send it in with the money .... 5 year registrations and no inspection needed. Tooooo coool .

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