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Thread: new race models

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    Had a few scary moments in my efforts to extend my boating season into 2012. December 23, after a cautious approach to the launch, I needed to stop to remove a deadfall tree on the road. I remember thinking, this is strange, no wind, almost like someone put it here, proceeded to drag it off the road and noticed a another boaters empty trailer parked and thought, whats up with the tree across the road dude? Got back in the truck and proceeded, only to very quickly realize why the tree had been dragged across the road. Managed to put the rig in the ditch and got stopped as did a fellow boater behind me with his unit, OMG. Just enough sunshine down there to shine it up, couldn't even stand up on the road. The outing on the 28th presented some other challenges. Although the launch area was clear of ice when I launched there was sufficient wind to push in some ice in obstructing the loading procedure somewhat. Enough wind chill to freeze off the compressor outlet telltale as well after having shut down for a "cool one". Januarys testing went well though!! Official freeze over was Jan 15/12. Overall a GREAT year!

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    Mercury Racing called and said my motors are ready to ship.........a full month ahead of schedule.

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    You must be pretty excited to get the Gen2 200XS's in hand soon. Nice!

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    Worth every penny! Better stock up on some oil Razor, hope the rigging goes well and you nail the set up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rayzor View Post
    Mercury Racing called and said my motors are ready to ship.........a full month ahead of schedule.
    Dale, are the blocks painted black or anodized gold?

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    Any updates?

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    The motors have been at Domn8er for a few weeks now, but I haven't been back down to the boat since they've been there. The boat was having the trailer made and now it's at Finney's getting the windshield built. I should be back down there in a few weeks, and I will get pics of the motors and post them up as soon as I get back..........

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    Hey Dale, really looking forward to the end result of this project. Would also like to see the windshield from Finneys.

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    Thanks for the interest guys, I just posted some pics of it on my build thread. The next time I post pics it will look almost complete with the cap job finished, windshield on it and the motors hanging on the transom!

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    This will be a sweet unit for sure and one of a kind. The new race models are performing well in australia, info on the mercury racing blog. looking for a strong opti showing at rouen as well provided the women drive well!

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    I finally got back down to Havasu and hung my motors.
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    The things I found interesting were that the motors did not come with lower skirts (even had rubber plugs in the mounting holes of the bottom pan/cowl), the trim ram in the transom assembly now has steel braided lines long enough to reach the trim pump in the boat (no more stainless pipe), the sticker indentifying the motors as race only with emissions exemption (no five star rating for these Optis) and lastly the vent line off the high pressure rail with a one way check valve in the line that runs out the back of the bottom cowl.
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    Water dumps out the bottom of the pan.
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    Those motors look hotter than hell on there.

    Also beautiful job on the cap. They sure do beautiful work.


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