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    What happened to dave bush racing does anyone have any updates from them.

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    I spoke with him a month ago about an ecu upgrade for a new 250 sport xs. He said he is working on and should have done soon.

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    Anything on the 300xs

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    Contact them yourselves and find out the latest...........

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    Anything to be excited about? Rayzor

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    I talked to Joe at DBR yesterday and he was very helpful.

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    Are they still playin with E-Tecs? I sent them a email a long while back and never heard back...
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    I've sent emails and never gotten a reply. I gave them an honest timeline of 12 months out maybe the wanna wait until next year to reply..
    If someone that called wants to fill me in pm me

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    I sent them an email yesterday and got a reply this morning from joe id try him again

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    They are in the middle of some very exciting developments.. There are tons of tests being ran on several different x and xs platforms. It shouldn't be too much longer and they'll be releasing results.. One thing Dave and Joe told me to spread the word on is injectors. Get them checked / cleaned and replaced if they're out of whack especially on the xs engines (including the air injectors).

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    Quote Originally Posted by suk35 View Post
    Anything to be excited about? Rayzor
    They have quite a few things to be excited about, just depends on what you're after. I'm building a set of 3.2s on 15"mids with 300X cowls right now with all their parts, so ya, I'm pretty excited with what they have to offer!

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    Sounds promising, I run their level 1 on my XS just waiting on the next step. Last time I spoke to Joe he told me it would be ready by winter, so I hope their close.

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    Spoke to Joe yesterday. Things are progressing very nicely but as you all know Dave Bush is a perfectionist and will not release anything until he is satisfied with the results. They are getting close I'm told to releasing details about what is coming. They will have solutions for the XS and X motors. If you are interested in contacting them please email them. That works best. They are investing a ton of time and effort into this so the plan is to be around for a long time!
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    I sold them a XS block months ago to test/dyno with. Joe and Dave are working hard over the winter to get the results everyone wants, Horsepower and reliability.
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  15. Any news for the e-tec emms!?

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