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Thread: Evinrude XP 200

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    Evinrude XP 200

    evinrude 1986 xp, 200 hp, 6,700 rpm motor, fresh water motor, 20" shaft, very clean, also have controls, oil tank, motor harness,ect. i will try to post pics later, $2,000 or best offer
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    compression numbers are 105 across the board

    PM's returned

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    Has the rev limiter been removed?

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    the rev limiter is 6700 Rpm.

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    Is it stock or do they all have a 6700 rpm redline?

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    It is stock, I beleive all the xp's came with the 6700 rpm limiter.

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    how much that motor weigh ?

    1997 XB2003T / 2.4 Merc-n-Stein

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    Both the xp and the gt are rated at 5500 rpm and the rev limiter is but 6000 or around,if yours is 6700 its not stock
    I own both a gt and an xp neither will do over 6,000 rpm regardless of what prop is put on them,at least not in stock form.
    Theres nothing wrong with having a properly adjusted omc xp that will do 6700,but it sure isnt stock.

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    I looked at an ignition replacement chart and 200XP limiter is 6700

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    Call brp its worth a small fortune if factory installed,mine is 6,000 rpm
    It is not that difficult to adjust,as can be moved around inside the stator thereby changing the limiter value,or removed.
    Normally does not come that way from the factory,must admit soon as I saw that 6700 rpm limit I was envious ,a phone call to recheck the limit value with my cert omc mech and I was relieved as never ever achieved over 6,with any prop.
    That said the xp is a good motor and you have a good price on it.
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    lilmule.. think you need to do a little more research

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    6700 is stock on every looper i have seen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aggressive Machines View Post
    how much that motor weigh ?

    i think all the v-6 loppers weighed about 400 pounds.. im sure some of the evinrude gurus may know the exact weight

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    Great motors, if I didnt already have two spares I would be interested. With a lil massaging they will turn around 9,000! Good luck with the sale
    Bunch of evinrude junk, and a q-shot t3r!

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