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    Stelling stainles headers

    Stelling big tube headers 2 sets like brand new 2500 per set 561 719 9076 these headers cost over 12000 from stelling

  2. stellings headers

    Have they been pressure tested.?...I just took three sets to the scrape yard and sold them for $120.00 (all three sets) I was totally disgusted..I bought them and they looked brand new....they would hold air pressure for a long period then when you put some heat to them they started to leak more...when they are like that they can really hurt a$50,000 motor...been there done sure that they don't leak...paybacks are hell...

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    Stelling headers

    These headers are good been tested by stelling they have not been used since just sitting on the self these are a great deal if you need headers

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    stelling headers

    these headers are fo big block chevy type heads

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    What model are they? What year are they? They are stamped on the exhaust flange that bolts to the cyl head what year and model..


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    stelling headers

    the model is big tube swept back blacks stamped 9/97 but were redone by stelling about a year ago and sitting on self since

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