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    2002 mercury optimax 225 throttle and shift cable installation / question??

    I have 3 2002 Mercury Optimax 225's on my Fountain 38 TE. I removed the brass "C" clips that hold the cables (shift and throttle) inside the red cable retaining brackets inside the motor. There are 3 slots to put the brass cable clips into...I forgot which slot they came out of.....can someone please post info or a link to setting up the cables....specifically in which slot do I install the brass clips to retain the cables go? Forward / middle / aft slot?? Each slot (within the red "pivot" housings) locates the cable differently......
    Please Help....Thanks


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    Tomulrich Those red pcs. are adapters to convert the #33c cables to your merc. controlls. You can hook up the cables to the engine and with some trial and error find the correct position to place the brass lock pins. Just make sure that the shift cable is pulling and pushing all the way...Put it in gear and try and rotate the prop. Take it out of gear and see if its in neutral etc.. I think on my opti. the pcs are in the center pos. This is how i did mine, they came with no instructions! Same for the throttle check for w.o.t. and idle positions. Hope this helps...

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    This helps alot...I was thinking mine came out of the middle slot.....I will go through and see which slot gives me a better range of cable movement,,,,thanks

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