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    1986 Mercury 7-pin iginition switch wiring help

    I have a 1986 2.4 Mercury Bridgeport outboard. It has a 7-pin cannon-type harness on the engine. I purchased a 7-pin wiring harness to run to the front of the boat....but it has no ignition switch. Can someone tell me or e-mail me at ( how to connect an ignition switch to this harness? Can I use a universal marine ignition switch or, will only a Mercury switch work? Does anyone have the wiring diagram for connecting the switch to my 7 pin harness? Any help would be greatly appreciated...Thanks.....15 Mustang

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    Yes, A universal push to choke switch will work and it comes with instructions on where to put what wire. All you need to know is what wire does what and i`m gonna tell you that.

    Red-battery positive
    Black-battery negitive
    Purple-12V pos with switch on
    grey-tach sendor
    Black/Yellow-kill wire
    Tan/Blue-water temp sendor
    Dark Brown/White-trim guage sendor

    If i may make a suggestion, Use heatshrink and eyelets without protective insulation and solder the wire to the eyelet after you cremp it. Then slide the heatshrink over the eyelet and shrink it. This makes for a perfect connection and won`t give you trouble down the road.

    Let me know if i`ve left anything out.

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    I thought the yellow w/red was the kill?

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    Da Bull ....thanks for your quick reply....15 Mustang

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    the yellow red is the start circuit but sometimes it will go through a neutral safety switch on the shift box. I believe this is what is confusing.

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    Replies on the yellow/red wire

    Thanks everyone....for the additional information on the yellow/red wire for my Mercury wiring harness.

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