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    Question Fuel pump on a 175? Merc Black Max?

    I have a 1976 Merc 175hp Black Max on the pack of my vector that I picked up last summer. While I was taking apart the fuel system to put in a fuel cell, I found an old Walbro electric fuel pump hooked up to the system. Since the boat was untouched in storage for 14 yrs prior to me buying it, the gas in the pump melted all the rubber parts inside. I can get a rebuild kit for $15 for the pump, I think its a normal pressure pump, has no regulator, and is in between the tank and the motor. A mechanic I talked to was suprised that there wasn't a regulator, since they can put out alot of pressure. I figured either the engine needed it, or it was used so the engine didn't have to be primed by a primer ball. The engine was also worked before I bought it, raised from a 175 to probably 190 or 195hp, and has a vented exhaust w/ low water pickups. It also has carbs. Matthew Ramirez said ther should be a fuel pump from merc on the engine on the port side? The longest i've ran it was 10 seconds on the old fuel system till a line came off !!. Do I need the pump?

    engine -
    pump - it looks like the one on the left at the top of the page, autopulse series 2100 http://www.autoperformanceengineerin.../bel_pump.html

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    First thing is someone grafted on an inline 1500xs lower. Sort of common back then as the first generation v-6 cases as a very blunt nose. I would remove it and get a hold of a proper v-6 lower with a nose cone. One thing it will not put of with a v-6 that is surfaced too long. And the other the water pick ups are in a bad location for a boat that is going to use positive trim. It is also sought after a bit by collectors so you may be able to trade someone for what you need.

    I use a similar pump on my carb motors. They put out about 5.5 psi which is fine and there is no need for a regulator.

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    if you find a place that has carb parts (floats) let me know, i will be needing some this spring once i rig my motor.

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