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  1. Glastron Molinari

    Your boat was originally purchased new by Dick Sharp\Bryant Corporation out of Seattle WA. It is a 1969\70. I was crewing for my uncle's during that era and saw it run at all the local races that season until it blew over and broke Dick's leg. He continued to run it the next season until teaming up on a new boat for the 1972 season. That boat used an Evinrude as the Bryant Corp was the OMC distributor I believe (I was 15 so I'm dusting the cobb webs off).

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    Thanks 390r

    Thanks for the background 390r. Welcome to Scream & Fly.
    Every little bit of information helps. The Glastron is about to get rolled into the shop for her full body makeover. There’s a lot to do but Joe is set on having it done by spring.

    More pics soon.

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    Here is an update on Joe’s Glastron. After a couple of weeks in the cue the team at Sankuer Composite Technologies ( got to work. (BTW- if you need some world-class composite help in Michigan, gives these guys a shot). It’s really great seeing the original yellow color show itself. Note that we trimmed the cockpit sides back to the original shape. The rear cowl is back to the original too.

    As is the case in a restoration project like this we found the transom wood has spots of rot. The wet wood was encapsulated deep inside. The new transom will be installed this week.

    In addition to making sure the structural integrity was sound one of our objectives is to make sure the boat stands tall cosmetically. To prevent the inevitable cracks from the old resign reappearing it will get a thin glass veneer on the decks. It will not add much weight but will make a nice stable base for the new paint.

    The next challenge we need to address is the dash. Since we are taking this back from the inline six power to the OMC KC we need to plug the existing holes and figure out the period OMC set-up. My recollection is that boats from this era didn’t have “race” instrumentation beyond the trim indicator. I would appreciate it if anyone could confirm this assumption. If it did have a tach, which one would they have been used on an OMC KC?

    390r was kind enough to help us with some information regarding the history of this boat. We are told that it held US 1 title at some point. We have some Sherlock Holmes to accomplish but we’re hoping to bring it back as it was when Dick Sharp owned it.

    Hey 390r………… I really understand the cobweb comment. I too was about 15 at that time.

    We’re having fun with this one. Thanks for all the help guys.

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    Scot Keller

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    Looks GREAT, Scot!
    It REALLY is nice to see the yellow finish again. The boat would have had a tach, and a water pressure guage. The also would have been a Keller Speedometer mount block on the dash. That would have been about it.
    The boat will be a showpiece. and would make anybody proud!


  5. Further Info About This Boat

    Scott -

    I just dug up a 30 year old Northwest Tunnel Boat Racing program. It has a photo inset from the 1969 World Championship Race at Lake Havasu. Your boat (driven by Dick Sharp) is running next to Cesare Scotti in boat #33. Dick Sharp's number was #511 and the number was painted on a black background oval / circle atop the deck black stripes about 20 inches forward from the transom. I don't know if this information might come in handy if you intend to restore it to the OEM condition when Sharp raced it.

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    1969 Lake Havasu Race

    I just had 45 minutes of 8MM film made into a DVD of this race. It's shot from the bank, no editing, people walking in front me, '50's hand wind camera. On a 52" sony 1080 HI-DEF it has some good shots-WINGS, MOLINARIS, GLASTRONS, JONES, HALLATT, FELLER, STACKERS BY THE DOZENS, OMC, CHRYSLER, SINGLE,TWINS, TRIPLES. Kitson blowing a lower unit on Saterday.
    Oil smoke so thick on the start you could hardly see and late in the day. If Greg doesn't object, I will sell a copy for $30.00 delivered. Give me a PM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scot Keller View Post
    The next challenge we need to address is the dash...... My recollection is that boats from this era didn’t have “race” instrumentation beyond the trim indicator. I would appreciate it if anyone could confirm this assumption. If it did have a tach, which one would they have been used on an OMC KC?
    Came across some film of a 1969 Molinari doing some testing. Since that is the time period of the Glastron/Molinari you are working on, thought I'd try to get a shot of the dash for you guys. I can't help with what the OMC may have used, but at Merc at that time there was (left to right) a Keller, water pressure, tach and a trim gauge. I'd guess that all that was used on the 1970 models at Racing was a Keller and a trim gauge.

    Here's a shot of the boat and a couple of the dash.....not good shots, but you should be able to get the idea. Good luck on the restoration project, it will be a great vintage rig to play with .
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    In most cases, we put the harness plate ( included kill switch, fuel pump, ignition, choke/prime, and start switches) on a cross member at the base of the seat cushion between our legs (very easy to hook up the kill switch cap dangling from a lanyard on your life jacket). You would also have a foot throttle..right side and a foot rest ....left side. Later an "up" switch for trim would have been used on the left foot rest.. The steering wheel should be either chrome or spun aluminum spokes. You mounted rocker switches on each spoke for trim. The outside of each switch was "up" and the inside was "down". We had a coiled wire harness (like a spring style telephone phone cord) wrapped around the wheel hub and then wired into the trim system. (Earlier dash mounted trim was a pain in the *ss and dangerous to boot. I mounted the Keller speedo hanger in the middle of the wheel and ran the trim indicator horizontal across the top of the dash in my Glastron Molinari. I think we used Faria tachs at that time, but Merc may have stepped up by then with their own.

    If you can find a break a way steering kit from a later hull, I strongly suggest that you modify the boat to use that. It will cut down on injuries should the worst happen.

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    Hi Scot...Here is another Merc dash set-up. The dash set-up on the Mercs and OMCs were essentially the same. In the first picture you can see the blue face of the Keller speedo on the right. In the second picture, directly to the left of the Keller mount, is the tach. The trim indicator is behind the "bent" steering wheel on the left side. The trim rocker switches are mounted on two spokes of the steering wheel. The kill switch is on the lower right hand side of the dash in the second picture.
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    Glastron Dash


    Perfect. This squares with the feedback we have been getting from the others. We have an original blue face Keller but still need to determine what a “period” OMC tack would be.

    Scot Keller

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    Thanks T2x


    Thanks a million for the post. The trim set-up you specify is exactly how we rigged my Dad’s Schultz and Scotti boats in the day. Since the KC was pre-up/down we will not need the toggle on the combing board. The current switch location is between the legs at the front of the seat as you called out. I think we’ll leave it there. I'll also start looking for the tach you mentioned. You make a good point on the break-away steering. We were going to take it back to a fixed hub on the dash but will take a second look at the safety issue.

    Again, thanks a million. Scot
    Scot Keller

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    More Pics

    As promised here are some new pictures of Joe’s Glastron. The ugly “aero” hump on the back has been removed and the bodywork is progressing nicely. Now that we are down to the yellow color we can clearly see the original stripes. They will be replaced exactly as it was from the factory. Next week the Sankuer Composite guys are going to build a jig to keep the boat square while they replace the rotten transom wood.
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    Scot Keller

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    Wow, I wonder if that company could build a race cowl for my Ct15 and convert it back to a center steer race boat like it was originally?
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    Glastron Molinari

    Very Cool project. What was the approximate dry hull weight on one of these boats?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fulltilt View Post
    Wow, I wonder if that company could build a race cowl for my Ct15 and convert it back to a center steer race boat like it was originally?
    They could...if you had a plug or a mold
    They do fantastic work!


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