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    2 1999 MERCURY 200 EFI's one W/ Blown powerhead

    I have a 1999 Mercury 200 EFI standard rotation with blown power head. One cylinder is bad. Top Starboard side has no compression, I have not had it pulled it apart as of yet to see what failed. The motor looks great appearance wise because it has been meticulously maitained and garaged since new. I have about 300 hrs on them since purchased brand new. I also will be selling Counter Rotator too. It runs flawlessly. No idea why it blew friends have told me its because I haven't run them in year and a half. I can send pictures of both upon request. I will sell as set or part out as RH and LH units, but at this time I don't plan on parting out blown unit. If interested please make offers. Thanks.

    Collins H

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    Location, salt, 20inch? Thanks Rick

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    1999 EFI's

    Oop's forgot the specifics 25 inch shafts both salt and fresh. About even between the two maybe 60-40 salt to fresh. And location Odessa, Florida close to Tampa, Fl

    Collins H

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    how much for the 99 blown powerhead?
    Thanks Fletcher

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    Taking offers. Would you like pics?

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    I'm looking for a set of motors for my center console, please call me or give me your #. Thanks Please send pics to
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    Called and left you a message..... Call me ASAP.. David 727-692-6971
    But Officer There is NO-WAKE over 100mph............

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