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    Dixie Fiberglass Boats?

    Anybody have any experience with Dixie Fiberglass Products boats?
    I think the company is out of business now, but I'm looking at a '87 Sling Shot 645 with a 2L 150 on it with pretty low hours use. Are these boats any good? What kind of ride? What's the down side?

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    The first boat I had was a Dixie Renegade 156. It would do about 55mph with a 90 Mercury. Fun well built little boat. We use to take it out the St Johns River inlet into the ocean. We flew that boat big time and it never even had a stress crack. I don't think they are worth a damn as a performance boat but it was very fun back then. Mike

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    Dixie boats original Boats were built in St. Mathews SC
    and became Eagle Boats

    Now a major company bought the name and molds and moved to Fla.

    So all I can attest to are the ones built in SC.

    Eagle boats became Panther Boats.

    The major person behind these boats was named Joe Brown. I worked for Joe as 'Plant Manager' (stood for Niger that has to do everything)
    Joe started the company back up in St. Mathews in the early 90's and named it Panther Boats. he does not build many boats anymore but is one of the best at refurbishing and fixing damaged boats.

    Anyway Dixie boats are built with standards used in the 70-80's.

    They did use 100% treated wood from Cox Wood in Orangeburg SC
    (Cox wood is a leader in wood treatment)
    And heavy glass lay up.
    They were not about saving weight! They poured it to it.
    Strong, rugged, durable basic boats.

    If Joe brown built it, I can promise you the transom is in the boat to stay!

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    That may be a different boat company

    From the MIC database, it looks like DXF, which is what this boat is, was made in Winter Garden, Fl. Went our of business in '92. The company officials name was Arthur Allison. They made boats from '72 to '92. Unique Auto Body bought and moved it to Orlando and opened for business in '01 and then went out of business last year. Apparently the Dixie Fiberglass Products (DXF) had some non-compliance issues with the BIA capacity lables regarding loading and floatation. The main guy with Unique Auto Body (UAY) was Roger Bruneau.
    This boat has a pretty wild looking V-pad hull. Looks like it could be pretty fast. The current owner had a head-on with a semi on the highway and won't ever be able to get in the boat again so his family is wanting to sell it, and unfortunately they know very little about the boat. He had only owned it part of a season when he had the accident. His brother said he didn't think he took the boat out more than once or twice.
    The hull looks a heck of a lot like Skeeters Wrangler from underneath.
    I'm just trying to find out what I can.

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    Joe passed away a few years ago. His son Gary works at Hatteras pools about 2 miles down the road from my shop. He and Joe were doing repair work up untill Joe's passing. Gary still does a little glass work on the side but spends most of his time at Hatteras pools. i haven't talked to Gary in a while, the last time he stopped by I could tell he missed the old man!!!!

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    Sad news about Joe.

    Thanks Mike
    “The bitterness of poor quality & service remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

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    Got a chance to look at the boat again, and it says "Sling Shot by Malibu" on the back of the seats and down the edge of the consoles. Does that ring a bell with anybody? On the hull, it only has "Sling Shot 640" decals with the DXF prefix on the serial number. The rating plate says Max HP 140. It is layed out as a fish/ski combo.

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