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  1. Will Yamaha props fit Mercury?


    This is a rumour I have heard, true or false? Will Yamaha props fit Mercury? If so, is it just certain models? I Have a 1993 merc 275 (3.4 L). Will any Yamaha props fit my engine?

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    Hello, I am not sure if this will help you but, I have a buddy that has been running yamaha props on his mercs for years, He had a 200EFI 1996 model,was running a pro series 25pitch, he is now running a merc 225 EFI same prop, he is using the stock yamaha washers (front and rear) with no problems, if you have any questions, let me know. Hope this was of some help.

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    By using the Mercury thrust washer and outer tab locking washer from Mercury,it will work fine. If you use the Yamaha thrust washer it is best to cut off the line cutter to keep it from getting into the seals.
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    WE spun a hub on our yamaha prop.. When we had a yamaha, we then threw on a Mercury, it worked fine.
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    We have had no problems with the yamaha thrust washer, on a merc, if in dought do a test fit first, these were 1996 and 2001 engines, I prefer to use the yamaha washer because it keeps the prop centered without a dought.

  6. What about the shaft?

    Hi, and many thanks for your replies!

    Maybe the most stupid question in history, but there is a lot of talk of "standard shaft" and "fat shaft", what is the actual difference? The engine I have, a 1993 merc 275 (3.4 L), is it a "standard shaft" or a "fat shaft"?

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    Standard Is 15 Spline Not Sure About Fat Shaft Size. HOPE THIS HELPS.

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