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    need jerry say one more time how dangerous those cat boats are , you guys think jerry is bustin balls , but there is one more example .
    dont ever use apple drywall company on long island , they suck !!!!!!

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    i just took a look at thoughts and prayers to the families of the people lost....holy crapppp..i am awe struck...
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    yeah i cant belive the damage , thats why i dont like to run too close to others , i always think what if......
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    I can't believe that. We were running next to "Flash Gordon" last year on the Lake Travis Poker Run, I just can't believe it. Thoughts and prayers go out the all families involved.

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    I have to agree with Tunnelmike, I have run side by side three or four deep in poker runs after seeing this i feel real stupid and very lucky. I wont be running that close anymore, a couple more wrecks like this and boating like we like will be history. prayers for the family's.

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    Does Jerry say

    that when 2 boats smash into each other that it's less dangerous to have only one pointy thing on the front of the boat.

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    You know they were doing what loved and theres nothing safe in this world.God Bless Them.

    As far as a Cat,you have a better chance of dying on you way home from the ramp.
    Offshore racing had the highest morality rate any motor sport before Mark Lavin got killed in the Jesse James cat.It didn't get that distinction without the help from v bottom boats in which way more people die in every year.Mechanical failure and driver error are the main reasons Too close together IMO is 98% responsible for an accident that has a .001% of happening.As long as a lesson is learned.

    Lord help us.

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    It was almost head on

    They were not running side by side according to the eye witness report. From the reconstruction they found no evidence of mechanical failure. Flash Gordon was hit on the right side when he made a sharp left turn in front of the Nashville Cats. God speed to them all.

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    i got this from another site

    From the Dallas Morning News

    Officials investigating fatal crash on Texoma

    Factor of speed unclear in 'poker run' boating accident that killed 5

    12:00 AM CDT on Monday, September 4, 2006

    By KIMBERLY DURNAN / The Dallas Morning News

    Investigators were working Sunday to reconstruct two high-power boats to determine why they collided Saturday on Lake Texoma during a "poker run" contest, killing five people and injuring one.

    Four of those killed were from North Texas Little Elm and Rockwall. They were riding in a 35-foot, offshore boat that could travel at high speeds, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol said.

    Gordon Mineo, 61, of Rockwall was the driver of the boat and organizer of the event, officials said. He died of injuries as he was being taken to an area hospital. Mr. Mineo was a former professional drag racer and competed under the name of "Flash Gordon."

    Mr. Mineo's wife, Ann, 59, was also killed during the collision and died at the scene.

    Another couple on the boat, Amy Dawn Lane, 31, and Justin R. Lane, 25, both of Little Elm, also died at the scene.

    Mr. Mineo's boat collided with a 43-foot Nor-Tech boat driven by Bruce Gibson, 54, of Old Hickory, Tenn.

    Mr. Gibson was taken to Methodist Dallas Medical Center, where he was listed in fair condition Sunday afternoon. His wife, Myra L. Gibson, died at the scene.

    The boats were participating in an event called "Highroller Poker Run," in which participants get a playing card at five different stops and win if they have the best poker hand at the end. Entry into the event costs $500, and about 100 boats were entered, officials said.

    The accident occurred about 12:30 p.m. Saturday near Willis in far southern Oklahoma.

    Because the boats were heavily damaged and broke apart into small chunks, investigators said they will need a few days to piece them back together and determine whether the collision was the result of a mechanical failure or some other cause, Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Kera Philippe said.

    "We cannot say whether speed was a factor," she said. "It's not supposed to be a race."

    The most important information about the crash will probably come from Mr. Gibson, said Oklahoma Lake Patrol Trooper James Watson.

    "The driver is going to be your key element, but then you have to factor in that you only get one story," Trooper Watson said. "There's nobody in the other boat that can say what happened."

    Pricilla Hand, who lives across the street from the Gibson family on an island of 23 homes on Old Hickory Lake in Tennessee, said the neighborhood was mourning the loss of Myra and praying for the recovery of Bruce.

    "They are both precious people, and they are loved," Ms. Hand said.

    The couple have two boys, one in college and one who is 13 years old, she said. The family loved boating, and Mr. Gibson was very meticulous about safety, Ms. Hand said.

    "He's a very experienced boater and very particular that everything is in perfect running order," she said. "We are here in the neighborhood praying. We don't know about his injuries yet because his family is en route. We pray that he will be simply OK."

    Relatives of Justin and Amy Lane were grieving Sunday, but said they found some comfort in knowing the pair died quickly.

    Mr. Lane's mother, Pam Lane, said Justin and Amy were a perfect match and enjoyed an active life that included boats and motorcycles. The couple met for the first time at Lake Texoma, fell in love and got married. They loved the outdoors and were accomplished athletes. The pair have a 7-year-old son, Sebastian, and 1-year-old daughter, Kaci. Gordon and Ann Mineo were Amy's godparents.

    Mrs. Lane said the pair were excited about their trip to the lake because it was the last summer holiday.

    "They loved their friends, family and children," she said. "They were where they wanted to be, and they loved the lake and the boats. They died instantly, and we are grateful for that. My family is just having a real hard time. We are asking God to help us get through it."

    Gordon Mineo was a nationally recognized drag racer and was well-known to people who frequented the lake, said Tim Hayes, general manager of High Port Marina and Resort, where the event started.

    "He was just full of energy," Mr. Hayes said. "He's as good as they come."

    On his Web site,, Mr. Mineo detailed how he managed to put two helicopter turbine engines into the boat, giving it a top speed of over 165 mph.

    The site includes a list of regulations for riders such as no drinks of any kind, no smoking and the required use of a personal floatation device.

    Ann Mineo "was a very quiet partner," Mr. Hayes said. "She did all the registrations and helped design the T-shirts. She was by his side at all times."

    While speed is not supposed to be part of the event, many players like to beat the others to the finish line, Mr. Hayes noted.

    "Every one of these guys likes to come in first," he said. "They have these million-dollar boats, and they love speed. It has been an extraordinarily safe sport until now."

    Mr. Hayes said witnesses to the collision told him the boats were headed toward each other at speeds over 100 mph, but were far enough apart to avoid contact when Mr. Mineo's boat took a sharp turn into Mr. Gibson's boat.

    "Both drivers were extremely experienced and very professional," he said. "We think it was a mechanical problem in the steering mechanism of Gordon's boat."

    Poker runs are offered at lakes nationally and are sometimes used to raise money for charity. Other times prizes often include trips, cars and money.

    Before Saturday's event, participants were asked to attend an hourlong safety meeting about stumps in the lake, life preservers and a zero-tolerance for alcohol, Mr. Hayes said.

    "Is it safe? Absolutely," he said. "Is it on the edge? Absolutely."

    Staff writer Wendy Hundley and The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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    Very Sad

    I was at the Key West Race when Jesse James wrecked, very sad also, but I also talked to Jack Clark, Special Edition, after he wrecked there, he was alive and laughing, about how the F16 canopy saved his life and was ready to get back out there as soon as the boat was ready. I was also in A/C NJ when Kenny Brown got killed, boat racing has always been the worlds most dangerous sport. GOD rest all of those that die doing what they love to do, while they may.

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    Did they determine what was the cause of this accident?

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    Totally conflicting stories, different sets of photos, and many other things to say the least, most likely we will never know

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