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    Exclamation B&m Pmt-1000 Hydrolic 2 Speed

    B&m Pmt 1000 2 Speed Hydrolic Transmission For Sale
    Electronic Shift Pump & Low Gear Is Fine But High Gear Has Hard Part Damage!!!
    Will Sell For $800.00
    Contact Capt Little @ 305-253-0110 Leave A Message!miami

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    Could you send me a few pics from that transmission ?
    Does it have a bolt pattern for GM ?
    what is the hard part that is been damaged ? and can you picture that ?

    thanks A J

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    Thumbs up tranny

    Thanks for replying . The trans does have a GM bolt pattern.
    I don't know alot about transmissions so I don't know what is broke.
    I do know that when we broke it, it whas like you just put it in neutral.
    switched into 1st gear and hammered it ! 1.96.1 ratio no slip no noise
    just accelerated like a bandit! after we pulled the trans. checked and drained the fluid. didn't smell burnt or any clutch plate particles in fluid.
    From that observation I figured that a gear or something in the high gear
    part of the trans. simply let go. I will try to get pics to you as soon as possible. Are you familiar with this trans??

    If youd like to call me I would like to tell you more about it!!

    305=253-0110 Captain Shaun Thanks
    capt little

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    I,am not that familiair with a 2 speed trans ,but it seems to me that it is repairable.
    We have a skirace boat with a 5,9 litre twin turbo engine, with a #4 ssm drive ,we have to pull a 30 pitch prop with 1,50 :1 in the drive ,and we have so little low end torque that we have problems to come in plane .
    Our plan was to use a T 400 hydramatic GM trans and convert it to marine,but that trans is a little too long for the amount of space we have ,so we opt for a shorter B&M or a blactrac from mercruiser.
    I,ll try to call you later.

    thanks A.J

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    Please Call Me Asap !!! Thanks
    capt little

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