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    Baffles in Aluminum fuel tank, ideas?

    having a custom tank built. Any ideas or drawings for baffle design. Tank measurements are:

    22" W X 10" H X 13" Deep

    Was thinking about seperating into 1/4's, with angled open corners top and bottom of each baffle plate to allow fuel to flow through baffles.

    Dont know anything about baffles but saw a pic of homemade plane tanks, and the idea looked good.

    Tank being built of 0.125 plate, apparently is good for planes. Is this enough or not, or too much? Tank is gong to be fixed under splash well in Vector as a second tank, 17 gal tank in bow.
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    Why do you think you need baffles? My 18gal aluminum tank doesn't have any baffles and seems to work fine. What about using a foam sponge like a fuel cell has instead?

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    I think baffels are a good idea, I have put them in all the tanks i have built they minimise fuel movement around the tank and keep a more constant fuel level around pickups especially when fuel levels are low.

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    What do you mean by foam?
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    All the racing fuel cells have foam in them. Here's a link to see what I'm talking about.

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    Just bought a fuel cell from JAZ in Ca. yesterday they come with a poly foam that eliminates slosh completely...They ( JAZ ) are a VERY popular fuel cell manufacturer and the foam is standard in all thier cells.

    Good luck,
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    You can buy the foam and have it put in to the tank you are having built. Or just buy one of the JAZ tanks if it will fit in the area that you want it. I put the foam into stock alum. tanks and mod. the fuel pick-up and they work quite well for performance use after this.

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    you could also use rocks , they will slow down the sloshing affect . lol
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    I agree with the addition of baffles in a fuel tank, it should help with any chine walking by controlling the sideways sloshing.
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    Baffle Design

    The easiest is to create baffles is to weld in dividers (Number depends on width of tank) with round holes (about 2" in dia.) cut in each one at random points ...but stopping about 4" from the bottom. At the bottom of each divider cut a 2" long "U" that starts at the bottom of each divider and is spaced 3" apart along the divider. Place a "U"s at each bottom corner of the divider.

    I assume you are also building in a sump. If not then this would be a good addition.

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    Baffle design - PS

    Forgot to add...if you go with foam, make sure it is alcohol resistant.

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    I always used a piece of plate alum welded in side to side and stopping about an inch above the bottom, one about every foot.

    If you use foam you can buy it seperately, but put it in after you weld! You may have to change it every few years as some will deteriorate. Just use a see thru inline filter to check the condition. If you cut it right you can fit it in every tank. Keep in mind you will lose a little volumn.

    In my race boat I use a normal Tempo plastic tank with the foam. Also keep in mind any provisions for tank senders.
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    I am runnning a rectangular tank 22 inches wide X 10 inches high X 13 inches deep, planning on seperating into quarters, therefore a cross pattern for the baffles, is this enough?

    I guess my pickup line should run into a sump, right? How deep, 1-2"s?
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    I would think with a 22" width three baffles would be enough and maybe even two.

    As to the sump.... You want your fuel line out at the lowest point in the tank. A two inch deep sump would be OK if you make it about 8" wide and taper it from 1/2" (at the rear of the tank) to the full 2" at the front. I would have them weld in no smaller than an AN6 fitting to be used as the fuel line connect point. You should also put the return line as far away from the fuel oulet as possible. This will prevent aeration when the fuel get low.

    Don't forget to test the tank for leaks before installing the tank in the boat.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck with your project.

    Jon Wright

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    Rocks???? comeon jerry. I use empty beer cans.

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