Mercury 1995 225 3.0

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Recently installed a set of Chris Carson Reeds in my 1995 Mercury 225 3.0 ltr and what a difference they made, from idle to 5800 RPM the engine was smoother and more responsive. I also noticed a smoother idle than before with the factory original reeds. Cold start was improved and idle big difference. I picked up an additional 300 RPM at the top end and I am going to re prop this motor from 19P to 21P 15.3 OS Solas 3 Blade Aluminium prop. This engine has a 300X 25" Lower and 300X exhaust tuner installed by Brad Chipman in West Palm Beach FL. This motor installed on a 2002 23 foot Alumaweld Formula Vee and a GPS speed of 64.5 mph with full fuel two pax fresh water lake 1000 MSL. I am installing a low water pick 1.75 lower for additional cooling on this engine. What a gentleman to deal with and a wealth of knowledge on theses older mercury motors.

I look forward to installing the Carson Reeds in my new Mercury Optimax 250XS more later.

Chris thank you again for your assistance.

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