• The River Ranch: A Ten-Year Photo Retrospective

    An Incredible Decade: Part One

    I remember the very first time I arrived at the Westgate River Ranch in 2005. I had just moved to Florida in late-2003, so the world of palm trees, alligators, and best of all, year-round boating still had me in a state of constant intrigue. And so there I was, at a place that looked like a movie set to a Clint Eastwood western.

    Up until this time, I had already attended quite a few large events, but the River Ranch would represent something completely different that would make this one of the most incredible events on the boating calendar. Unlike most events, where attendees would stay at different hotels, ultimately congregating on the water, the River Ranch is essentially a small city, providing the hotel, launch ramp, and places to eat. There's even a rodeo. Everything takes place in one location. It is a place that is so large that golf carts can be rented. Oh, we'll get to that in Part II, don't worry. There is even a small airport on the property.

    Dennis Vitolo making a photo-shoot pass in his Diamond Marine-powered STV
    The River Ranch is organized by Tom and Gina Foley, and 2017 represents its 12th year as a Scream And Fly event. In the beginning, attendance was so high that the River Ranch event took place in the spring and fall. What I like about it is that when you enter the River Ranch, you are suddenly in another world. It might be Little House On The Prairie in Florida, but with river rockets everywhere.

    I wanted to keep this feature all about the photos, so I'll continue my story-telling in Part II, but it is the photos that really tell the story of the River Ranch. Over the ten-plus years of this event, I have shot over 100,000 photos and assembling images that I felt are representative of the timeline of this incredible event proved to be difficult. In the end, I chose 200 images that will tell this story, and it will be broken down into four parts.

    And so, from I will let the photos tell the story. It has been an incredible decade of experiences at the River Ranch, and I am forever grateful for all of the memories and friendships I have made at the River Ranch. Enjoy the photos!

    River Ranch Images - click to enlarge

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    1. Tom Foley's Avatar
      Tom Foley -
      Lots of great memories in those photos ! Chamber of commerce weather as well !
    1. Capt.Doug Metko's Avatar
      Capt.Doug Metko -
      This is so cool Greg! Thanks for the memories!!!
    1. tunnelmike's Avatar
      tunnelmike -
      Thanks to all involved ! Good friends and memories in those pictures. Mike.
    1. warren's Avatar
      warren -
      Wow what great times thanks greg 4 all u do good people great memories/red rocket out
    1. Scream And Fly's Avatar
      Scream And Fly -
      Thank you everybody - I really am very grateful for all these years of great times. I have many, many more photos coming. Part II is this week!
    1. sammihavasu's Avatar
      sammihavasu -
      Fantastick Photos. I have never seen anything like it. Out west that kind of boating is virtually non existant....I for one feel like the lone ranger sometimes....hheh....nothing better then 105mph and that wonderful sound of a fresh 2.5...mmmm mmmmm....my favorite. Peace everyone.
    1. jphii's Avatar
      jphii -
      Some good times there....
    1. ZiemerSTV's Avatar
      ZiemerSTV -
      Great Times back then. Met some super people. Sure miss the old STV. Maybe I will try
      to make one with Jeff, Jr.
    1. Corona Mike's Avatar
      Corona Mike -
      Great Pictures... As Usual... Greg! Even If I've Probably Seen All Of Them Before! The River Ranch Boating Event Started With Skip Romani "Talon 2.5", Brian Chandler "Shore Pounder" Myself And A Couple More St. Cloud Guys Discussing How A Boating Event SHOULD! Be Run. It Was Unique The 1st 5-Events Because We Had Our Own Private Place To Launch And Pick-neck. Lots Of GREAT Memories... And A Couple Not So Good... Made At This Event. Thanks Greg For Covering The Event For 12!! Years, And Thanks To Tom And Gina For Keeping It Going! Mike T.
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