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    2002 225 efi 3.0L

    Thread Starter: fastnfish

    2002 225 efi 3.0L mercury, powerhead all stock. Has cf reeds. Working on getting hrs. Was going to do a 300x copy but changed my mind. 2300.00 obo. Txt

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    99 300pm

    Thread Starter: fastnfish

    99 300pm drop on. Was freshened up w new rings and one new piston. Sleeve was scuffed. .15 over on that hole. Chris Carson cf reeds, lightened flywheel,

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    virgin Stoker OMC looper heads

    Thread Starter: panther150

    I have a set of virgin non milled Stoker offset billet chamber heads that came on my 1997 Vindicator 225 as part of His Performance package . The anodizing

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    1991 Allison XR 2001 MOD VP

    Thread Starter: tpropst2

    1991 Allison XR 2001 MODVP with race cowl, string steering, stainless marine indicator, aluminum 20 gal. fuel tank, Livorsi gauges, all rigging and wiring

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    3.0 svs

    Thread Starter: jrspop

    In search of a 3.0 SVS. PM details, please.

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    92 260 long block $4500

    Thread Starter: Geosta

    92 260 long block no sleeves good nic ,new wizard piston ,gold rings, wizard encapsulated,wrist pins new bearings , balanced piston rod assemblely new

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  • Mercury Racing Blog: Ethanol and Older Outboards

    Mercury Racing has received numerous questions on ethanol fuel in older engines. Here is an article from BoatUS, written with input from Mercury engineers (republished with permission), that covers many of the ethanol issues:

    A Shotgun Marriage? Ethanol and Old Outboard Boat Engines

    ALEXANDRIA, Va., March 28, 2012 — Ever since E10 gasoline (gas containing 10% ethanol) became widely available several years ago, the nation’s largest recreational boat owners group, BoatUS, has received hundreds of calls and emails complaining about boat engine problems. The majority of complaints concern older outboard motors, those made before about 1990. BoatUS’ Seaworthy magazine asked Mercury Marine’s Ed Alyanak and Frank Kelley, who between them have over 60 years of experience, to find out what’s made these decades-old outboards more susceptible to ethanol’s well-known problems and what owners can do.

    1. Vulnerable hoses: In the mid 1980′s new standards (SAE J1527) for fuel hoses were developed for “gasohol,” which was known to deteriorate rubber and plastics. Since then, problems with hoses have largely gone away, but that doesn’t mean they are maintenance free. Tech Tip: Any hose older than 10 years should be replaced. Here’s another way to test rubber fuel hose condition: wipe a clean rag along the hose. If you smell gas on the rag, replace the hose immediately.

    Damage to a boat engine carburetor as a result of ethanol at 10% (E10). Photo courtesy BoatUS.

    2. Carburetors: O-rings and rubber carburetor parts on older engines tend to get hard and brittle when exposed to ethanol and then break off in bits and pieces causing clogs, misfires and shutdowns. Pre-1990 carburetors were also made from alloys that didn’t stand up to ethanol, leading to corrosion that can cause tiny fuel orifices to clog, resulting in hard starts and poor running. Old carbs are also “dumb” in that they were designed to run on only one type of fuel. Ethanol, however, has more oxygen and affects the air/fuel ratio, causing engines to run leaner and hotter. Tech Tip: The best solution with old outboards is to run straight gas – if you can find it. Some mechanics may also have the ability to “recalibrate” a carburetor to tolerate E10 (note: gas with ethanol greater than 10% should never be used with any boat engine).

    3. Plastic fuel filter bowl: Some older engines may have plastic fuel filter bowls. Tech Tip: If you still have one, replace immediately with a metal bowl.

    Read the full blog post here >>
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