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  1. Daytona engines

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    what year are the motors
    Jim, I bought them new in 1995
    Boat Sold Thanks Scream and Fly
  2. promax 225 power head for sale

    a have promax 1998 rebuld frech water includ svs electrical racing flyweel piston is wisco racing pro 0.30 power head have nothing rong run wite my stv 106 2 peopel a change engine for 260 not includ computer tony brucato 5.500 best offert give a call 407 535 0089
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  3. 1990 MERCURY 200 or 1991 ???

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    What are idle reliefs ? Is that the little 1/4 inch cut out by the exhaust reliefs in the cylinder ?
  4. How fast has the Viper been? GPS speed?

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    I may try one of the 34 performance et's through Demeanor.
    we put my 34 performance on my buddys mirage/2.5 200 and he said it felt like he pulled 2 plug wires off in the mid-range. It turned it just took a bit longer.
    Humm? May be a lil much for the Viper then, one way to find our I guess.
  5. Anyone been thru this

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    The plastic hub impellers are garbage.
    I've had trouble with these impellers also. I'll call it a phenolic hub because that's what it looks like. Lets just call it a composite material.
    On 200XS the alarm would go off on hard acceleration getting on plane. Couldn't figure it out and finally a friend who works for a dealership said that the factory tech school teachers said to replace it with the brass hub one. Couldn't explain why but I replaced it with a brass one and it fixed ...
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